False Ceiling

While a false ceiling may seem to beautify your home, it can also become much of a hassle. Mostly, homeowners use the false ceiling to hide unappealing wirework and pipes on their ceiling. When pipes are involved, moistness in the ceiling is bound to come. Water stains start to come upon the false ceiling (from the leaking pipe). In some cases, the plaster also gets eroded by the water. In such a situation, it usually demands more intricate repair work in comparison to a normal leakage.

Understanding this need, we have been serving homeowners to minimise their hassle. Our professionals can provide on-time cutting and patching services at an affordable rate.

From patching cracks to repairing chipped paint, we do it all. Clients mostly call us when they face any of the below issues related to false ceiling repair.

  • Mending false ceiling due to post storage. water heater servicing
  • Repairing false ceiling due to water damage.
  • Correcting discolouration or stains visible in false ceiling.
  • Patching holes formed after removal of lights.

Irrespective of the nature of the ceiling issue, it is important to consult an expert and evaluate the root cause before any repair work is started.

We are proud of our skilled technicians who can undertake any challenge related to the false ceiling. We only send certified experts to our client’s homes to resolve their issues. They are trained and prescreened for a variety of ceiling repair and replacement projects. Through superior service, we strive to deliver our work in stipulated time.

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